Hiring new staff can be a risky and stressful activity. Sourcing your staff through AILS gives you the chance to 'try' a new employee before you invest valuable time, effort and resources in the traditional employment process.

Employee on your books
Employee on our books

  • Commitment is implied on hiring even on a trial basis
  • Don’t think that the new IR laws will save all your problems
  • Difficult to terminate unsuitable employee for fear of an unfair action claim
  • Dismissal requires one documented verbal warning plus three written warnings
  • A risk of time wasting due to dealing with employee grievances and work place relations
  • No flexibility if your situation changes
  • Downtime due to internal conflict resolution
  • No opportunity to gauge troublesome personality traits before the employee becomes permanent
  • Time consuming administration

  • One phone call from you and we will relocate the employee

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