• Make sure you are always on time. In fact, try to be a little early.
  • Start building friendly working relationships by introducing yourself to your co-workers.
  • Leave a great impression. Every assignment is an opportunity and may lead to more work.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you have an queries concerning the tasks you are given or the company's facilities don't hesitate to ask. However, if you have any queries with the assignment, call your AILS consultant.
  • Clarify policy. Ask the client when it is convenient to take your lunch break, check the length of your lunch break and always seek permission before working overtime.

Safety tips while on assignment

  • As an AILS employee, you are our company's most valuable asset. Always exercise due care and remember most accidents can be prevented with proper caution.
  • Become familiar with each client’s safety procedures and equipment.
  • Make safety a priority in the work environment. All unsafe working conditions should be reported immediately to your AILS Representative

Call AILS immediately if you are:

  • asked to perform work which was not part of your initial job description
  • injured whilst at work
  • and if you believe that your working conditions are unsafe.